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Clever As Paint

cover: Sharon Broady and William Key  in the Hen & Chickens production of Clever As Paint, 1995. Book cover design: Jeremy Scott

                                                   The following actors, directors and technicians were involved in significant rehearsals with rewrites, to which they contributed. Where-ever possible, contact names and numbers for professional work*  have been provided.

*courtesy Spotlight (0171-437-7631)

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Sharon Broady Sharon Broady
"Elizabeth Siddal" in Clever As Paint, 1995

Sharon trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Roles have included 'Emily' in Dark Glory (Southampton Nuffield Theatre), 'Gaby' in When She Was Bad and 'Clare' in The Time of Her Life (Transfer Theare Company, on tour and at the Finborough Theatre) and 'Julie' in Overhear (Royal Court YPT). Sharon also performed the monologues 'Waking Up' and 'The Same Old Story' from Dario Fo's Female Parts in her own touring production. Her TV credits include Chancer, The Widow Maker, and Poirot. Radio includes Quest for Love (BBC Radio 4). Sharon performed in Phil Wilmot's  highly-acclaimed alternative "Sound of Music" (Steam Industry, Battersea Arts Centre 1997) and played "Sarah" in  Brian Friel's Translations at the Stoke New Victoria Theatre, directed by Roxana Silbert.

Contact: Penny Harrison 0181-672-0136

Jonathan Cake                  Jonathan Cake
"William Morris" in Clever As Paint 1997

Jonathan's   first acting role in a radio play was in Clever As Paint. After playing William Morris, he went on to play a series of exceedingly nasty men, including the title role in ITV's Moseley.

Jonathan attended Worthing Sixth Form College and took a degree in English at Corpus Christi, Cambridge.  After a period at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Jonathan joined the Alan Ayckbourn Theatre in Scarborough and then the Royal Shakespeare Company where he appeared in several productions , including ‘Tamberlaine’ with Anthony Sher.


Honest (2000) (film)
Noah's Ark (1999) (mini) TV Series .... Japhet
The Jump (1998) (mini) TV Series .... George Brunos
Diamond Girl (1998) (TV) .... Regan Montana
The Kraken Wakes (1998)Radio
Mosley (1998) TV Series .... Oswald "Tom" Mosley
Clever As Paint (1997) Radio ... William Morris
Cows (1997) (TV) .... Rex Johnson
A Dance to the Music of Time (1997) (mini) TV Series .... Peter Templar
Rebecca (1997) (TV) .... Jack Favell
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Hattersley
Cold Lazarus (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Nat
The Girl (1996) (TV) .... Ned Ridley
Nightlife (1996) (TV) .... Advocate
True Blue (1996) FILM.... Patrick Conner
First Knight (1995) FILM .... Sir Gareth
Degrees of Error (1995) TV Series .... Gareth
Goodnight Sweetheart (1995) TV series, (episode # 2.2) ..."Ludo"
----in episode: "I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good"
The Thin Blue Line (1995) playing "Stallion" in episode: "Road Rage" (episode # 2.6) 12/19/1996
Press Gang (1993) playing "Ed" in episode: "Windfall"
Frank Stubbs Promotes (1993) playing "Jerome" in episode: "Babies" 1994

Contact: Markham & Froggatt 0171-626-4412

Ned Chaillot
commissioning editor, Dora,
BBC Drama Now 1991

Ned is a senor BBCdrama producer.

Contact: BBC Radio Drama

Cherry Cookson
BBC producer: Dora (1991) and Clever As Paint (1997)

Cherry is a senior drama producer at BBC Radio, and, amongst many credits, produced the award-winning dramatisations of Trollope.

Contact: BBC Radio Drama

Steven Dikes
"William Morris" in Clever As Paint , 1995

Steven has a close association with NXT Theatre, which as just finished a run of his latest play, The Kolonist (December 1999).His acting credits include Erasmus Montanus,  The Green Parakeet and The Nun, all produced by the highly acclaimed Greenwich Studio Theatre. Television credits include Casualty, EastEnders and The Bill.

Contact: NXT Theatre, London

Gareth Edwards
dramaturge, Clever As Paint (1993-1998)

Although Gareth is usually found in Light Entertainment Departments (BBC Radio, ITV Comedy, and now BBC TV) he very kindly read through the various draftsof Clever As Paint, from the first draft, to the last revision before publication.

In between doing this, he has been the Executive Producer for WeekEnding, producer of the long-running BBC quiz show Slightly Foxed, co-producer of the first series of Goodess Gracious Me (BBC Radio 4, 1996),  producer of Curried Goat's topical tv comedy series Stuff the Week (ITV 1998) and co-producer of the first series of Spaced (Channel 4, 1999). He also writes occasionally with Ben Miller (of Miller & Armstrong)

Contact: BBC TV Comedy

Ken Gass
director, Dora, 1985
Ken was the guest director for the Sasktachewan Playwrights Centre's New Play festival in 1985; he subsequently workshopped the play with Canadian Rep and gave it a staged reading in Toronto later in the year. Ken is the Artistic Director of Canadian Rep Theatre. Toronto.
Contact: Canadian Rep Theatre, Toronto

Steven Gregg
director, Dora, 1987

Steve first dramaturged the play in a series of workshops for the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre 1985-1986 with Anne Wright reading the part of Dora. He is the former artistic director of  the former Wheatland Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan. Together with his wife Kate, he now clowns for a living,  as The Ragamuffins. The play premiered in 1987,  with Kim Nedoborski (Warren),  Jim Timmins and Greg Morley. Kate Gregg designed the sets and costumes.

Simon Hewitt
"Papa" (original London cast) in Dora 1993

Simon  trained at Guildford (in the same year as Saskia Reeves and Lesley Sharp) and is the Artistic Director of Anabasis Theatre, which toured Not About Heroes in 1994. Anabasis Theatre co-produced the video of the stage production with Hen & Chickens Theatre (1993) for the  proposed tour  of Dora, and  Clever As Paint was written with Simon in mind for Rossetti. Anabasis Theatre provided the first workshops of the play, with Eleanor Creed-Miles directing, and Addan James Hurran offering set design and technical advice.

Amongst many serious acting credits, Simon was also the comic lead  in the Mr Muscle ads on UK television (1995-1998)

 Contact: Anabasis Theatre

Christine Hoodith
director, Dora, 1993

Chris was joint Artistic Director of  Hen & Chickens (the Operating Theatre), London, England. More recently, she contributed to Lisa Goldman's worskhop of new  plays for the Red Room (London, 1997).

Rosie Hughes
director, Clever as Paint, 1999

Rosie was born and grew up in Cornwall. She left in 1995 to study film and drama at the University of Reading, where she specialised in directing. Since graduating in 1998, she returned to work with Miracle Theatre playing "Russell the Manicurist" in their recent winter tour of Sleeping Beauty. Clever As Paint was the first time she worked with the Collective and the first time she directed professionally.

Contact: Cornish Theatre Collective

Phil Innes
"William Morris" in Clever As Paint, 1999

Phil was a founder member of the Cornish Theatre Collective, appearing in Accidental Death of an Anarchist, The Elephant Man, Bloody Poetry and The Nettley Abbey Mummers Play. He first came to the Cornish public's attention as guitarist in Tanj, before moving to London, where he worked with producer Mike Jones, playing guitar in The Hungry Freaks and Inhaler. On returning to Cornwall he toured with Theatre Rotto as a performer and stage manager. He and Helen Speed are the folk music group Elgin. Phil also works with young people at The Nancherrow Centre, and helps organise the Lafrowda Day Festival.

Contact: Cornish Theatre Collective

William Key
"Gabriel Rossetti" (original cast) in Clever As Paint, 1995

Bill was last seen in the 1999 West End production of MacBeth (with Rufus Sewell as MacBeth).

Contact: ICM 0171-636-6565

Dominic Knutton
"Gabriel Rossetti" in Clever As Paint, 1999

Dom (along with Helen Speed and Phil Innes) helped to workshop early drafts of Clever As Paint.  Dom founded the Cornish Theatre Collective in 1988. For the company he performed in Accidental Death of an Anarchist, The Elephant Man, Bloody Poetry and The Nettley Abbey Mummers Play and directed The Elephant Man, Christie in Love, Bohelland and Judas Worm. After training at Rose Bruford College in London and the School of Commedia dell Arte in Italy, he worked in TV (Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Wycliffe, The Bill), Film, (Shadow of a Kiss, Chasing Dreams, Hard Edge, Understanding Jane) and numerous fringe productions in theatre as well as playing a very nasty villain in Miracle's recent Sleeping Beauty.(1999).

Contact: Cornish Theatre Collective

Jo McInnes
"Dora" in Dora (1993)

Jo is the British actor (not to be confused with the Canadian Joanne McInnes). After Dora, Jo did several productions  with the National Theatre. She successfully toured in The Herbal Bed, and is a regular (with Lesley Sharp) on ITV's  drama  series Playing the Field.

Playing the Field" (1998, 1999, on-going ) (mini) TV Series .... Jo Mullen

Contact: Scott Marshall 0181-749-7692

Clive Merrison
"Freud" in Dora, 1991

Clive was the highly successful Sherlock Holmes on BBC Radio in the early 1990's.

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns(1999) (mini) TV Series .... Chamberlain
"How Do You Want Me?" (1998) TV Series .... Norriswood
Mortimer's Law (1998) (TV) .... Tegwyn
Photographing Fairies (1997)FILM .... Gardner
McLibel! (1997) (mini) TV Series .... Mr. Justice Bell
The English Patient (1996)FILM .... Fenelon-Barnes
An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)FILM .... Desmond Fairchild
Heavenly Creatures (1994)FILM .... Henry Hulme
Stalin (1992) (TV) .... Molotov
Rebecca's Daughters (1992)FILM .... Sir Henry
The Tomorrow People (1992) TV Series .... Beaumont-Savage
Spirit of Man (1989) (TV) (segment "A Hand Witch of the Second Stage") .... Claude Delmas
"Thin Air" (1988) (mini) TV Series .... Leonard Draeger
AVery British Coup (1988) (TV) .... TV Interviewer
Cariani and the Courtesans (1987) (TV)
Mann's Best Friends (1985) TV Series .... Irvin
A Pocketful of Rye(1985) (TV) .... Percival Fortescue
Monsignor Quixote (1985) (TV) .... Shop Assistant
Reilly: The Ace of Spies (1983) (mini) TV Series .... Sovinkov
The Sign of Four (1983) (TV) .... Bartholomew Sholto
Firefox (1982) .... Major Lanyev
Coming Out of the Ice (1982) (TV) .... Bikov
Victory (1981/I) .... The Forger
Private Schultz (1981) (mini) TV Series
Prince Regent (1978) (mini) TV Series .... Richard Sheridan
The Glittering Prizes (1976) (mini) TV Series .... Bill Bourne

Henry VIII and His Six Wives (1973) .... Weston

Greg Morley
"Papa" in original Wheatland Theatre Regina production, 1987

Madeleine Morris (with Miriam Sorrentino)
set designers

Maddy designed the sets for both Dora and Clever As Paint for the Hen & Chickens productions. Maddy studied at Slade School of Art, and her set designs include:Waiting for Godot (Queen's Theatre, Shaftesby Avenue) and Normality (New Plays Festival, winner, best design). Her dance designs include Dangerous When Wet (The Place Theatre and national tour). She has also worked on film production, and as an assistant in the art department on Wittenstein (Derek Jarman), and Up In the Clouds (BFI/Channel 4). Miriam studied Fine Art at Middlesex university, and is a film-maker and installation artist. Her assistant art director credits include Tomorrow's Calling (Channel 4).  As a production designer she has worked on Labifah and Himli (Arts Council - shown on Carlton and Sky), Memories in Mind (Arts Council./Channel 4) and List of Contents (IFS). Since forming the partership MINX in September 1994, they have designed a number of fillms, commercials and pop promos, including Blue/Yellow with Sylvie Guillen (french tv/BBC), Anton and Minti (Thornton/Griffin), Fatima (BFI/Channel 4) Manhatten Apartments Commercial (Thornton/Griffin).

Jack Morrison
set designer & lighting, Clever As Paint , 1999

Jack was born in Redruth and lived most of his life in Helston. After training at Coleg Cerdd a Drama Cymru he worked with various companies including Mappa Mundi, Theatr y Byd, Spectacle, Outlaws and Sherman Theatre, with Northern Stage before finally moving to London to work with the Michael Clark Company, The Young Vic, and Shakespeare's Globe.

Contact: Cornish Theatre Collective

Kim Nedoborski
"Dora" in original Wheatland Theatre Regina production, 1987

Elizabeth Parker
composer, Clever As Paint

Elizabeth composes mainly for BBC Radio and Television Drama. Her music is available from BBC World-wide.

contact: Robert Parker

Alison Pettitt
"Janey Morris" in Clever As Paint, 1997

Alison is the only Janey Morris to appear in Clever As Paint, the part was written in especially for the  BBC radio production.

Contact: Irene Fawkes 0171-729-8559

Paul Rhys Paul Rhys
"Gabriel Rossetti" in Clever as Paint 1997

Paul Rhys played the young A.E.Housman in Tom Stoppard's The Invention of Love, at the National Theatre, while he was taping Clever As Paint.

Paul trained at RADA where he was awarded the Bancroft Gold Medal. and Blood and Water. His films include Spirit, A Bird Poised to Fly. He has numerous tv, film and stage credits, and awards, including the 1999 Barclay Theatre Award for Best actor in Hamlet (Young Vic).TV: ITV The Innocent January 2001.


1984 - Glasgow Citizens Company A Woman of No Importance ...Gerald Arbuthnot
1984 - Glasgow Citizens Company French Knickers  ... Milord
1984 - Greenwich Theatre The Orphan ... Polydore
1990- Royal National Theatre -Bent cover BENT (1990) ...Rudi
1994- Donmar Warehouse Design for Living ...Leo.
1997- Royal National Theatre King Lear... Edgar
1997-98 - Royal National Theatre - Invention of Love ... Young A.E. Housman
1999- Young Vic Hamlet ... Hamlet
1996- Young Vic, Long Day's Journey Into Night ....

other theatre: Bouncers (Yorkshire Actors; World Premiere "Ralph"); La Vie Parisienne (Glasgow Citizens' Theatre) The Government Inspector (Compass Theatre); Ghetto (Riverside Studios); Much Ado About Nothing (Royal Shakespeare Company, "Claudio"), The Merchant of Venice Royal Shakespeare Company "Lorenzo"); A Woman of No Importance.

Film and Televison

Absolute Beginners (1986) FILM ....Dean Swift.
Lionheart (1987)FILM ... the mayor
The Spirit (1987)TV/USA [directed by Michael Schulz]
Little Dorritt (1988) FILM
The Heroes (1988)TV/Australia [directed by Donald Crombieo] ... Ivan Lyon
Tumbledown (1989)TV/UK [directed by Richard Eyre] ...Hugh MacKessac.
Vincent and Theo (1990 FILM)... Theodore Van Gogh
Becoming Collette (1991)FILM.... Chapo.
The Healer (1992) UK. [directed by Mike Hodges] ... Dr. John Lassiter.
Chaplin (1992) FILM [directed by Richard Attenborough] ... Sidney Chaplin.
Rebecca's Daughters (1992) FILM[directed by Karl Francis}] ... Anthony Raine.
Gallowglass (1993)TV/UK [directed by Tim Fywell]. ... Sandor
Nina Takes a Lover (1994) FILM [directed by Alan Jacobs.] ...The Photographer.
The Haunting of Helen Walker (1995) TV/USA [directed by Tom McLoughlin]
Kavanagh QC (1997 series) TV/UK Episode: Job Satisfaction
A Dance to the Music of Time (1997) TV/UK
King Lear (1997) TV/UK [directed by Richard Eyre] ...Edgar.
Unknown Things (1998) FILM [directed by Bruno Coppola, screenplay by Matthew Jansky]
Love Lies Bleeding (1999)  FILM [directed by William Tannenal].
Wings of Angels (1999)
The Innocent (2001)

other television:
My Family and Other Animals, William Golding: Rites of Passage, Heroes, The Opium Eaters, 102 Boulevard Haussman, Summer's Day Dream,

Contact: Markham & Froggatt 0171-626-4412

    Jeremy Scott

poster, Clever as Paint, stage production 1995
postcards, Clever As Paint, BBC production 1997
book cover, Clever As Paint, Playwrights Canada Press, 1998

Jeremy (Jezzers) is a professional graphic designer with DeWynters (London, England). He also designed the website in 1998 for Patrick Marber's Lyric Haymarket production of Closer (starring Imogen Stubbs).

contact: Jezzers

Barry Shannon Barry Shannon
"Freud" in Dora 1993
director, Clever As Paint 1995

Barry has been a joint Artistic Director of Hen & Chickens Operating Theatre and joint Artistic Director of the highly successful touring company Odd Socks Theatre in Derbyshire. Barry is a talented writer, songwriter and musician, whose own musical play for children, Life & Jeff toured nationally in 1994.


Sheriff of Nottingham Robin Hood Swan Theatre, Worcester Jenny Stephens
Harold Moody A Bit of a Blow Forest Forge Josh Elwell
Nurse/Friar Lawrence Romeo and Juliet Oddsocks Productions Barry Shannon
Frank Fish 2000 AD: The Panto Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Fluellen Henry V Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Various Roles A Christmas Carol Oddsocks Productions Elli Mackenzie
Leonato Much Ado About Nothing Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Squire Trelawny Treasure Island Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Duncan Macbeth British Council Tour Andy Barrow
Lear King Lear: The Panto Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Sigmund Freud Oedipus Needs Help Total Theatre/Diorama Jonathon Neall
Edward IV Richard III British Council Tour Andy Barrow
Sir Toby Belch Twelfth Night Oddsocks Productions Andy Barrow
Prospero The Tempest British Council Tour Andy Barrow
Joseph Kingdom For Any Field National Trust Theatre Matthew Townshend
Father/Grossman Hansel & Gretel Proteus Theatre Co. James Brining
Sigmund Freud Dora: A Case of Hysteria Operating Theatre Co. Chris Hoodith
Leonce Pontellier The Voice of the Sea Lillian Baylis Theatre Steffyni Rigold
Dan The Exorcism The English Theatre of Hamburg Clifford Dean
Gauloise The Love of Seven Dolls Spectrum Stevenage Matthew Townshend
King Rat Dick Whittington V & R Productions Vince Starr
Peter Quint The Innocents The Mill at Sonning Adrian ReynoldsGenie of the Lamp Aladdin V & R Productions Vince Starr
Lord Asterisk The Harlot’s Curse Croydon Warehouse R. Archer & P. Jones


Romeo and Juliet Oddsocks Productions
Clever as Paint: the Rossettis in Love Operating Theatre Co. 1995


The Photographer Barbara II (Episode 1) Carlton Nic Phillips

Harald Hardrada The Norman Conquest T.V. Choice Chris Barnard

Alex Palmer The One... (Episode 4) Revelation Film Group Gary Wicks

The Squire The Monument 4 Shorts Nils Midtun


Two Leaves And A Bud H.A.M. Films Dieter Fleckmann

Innumerable recorded announcements, competitions and adverts for: Telephone International Media

Complete CV:  Barry Shannon

Lesley Sharp
"Dora" in Dora 1991

Lesley  trained at Guildford (along Saskia Reeves and Simon Hewitt) and is an acclaimed stage actor. She has numerous tv, film and stage credits, including Caryl Churchill's Top Girls, and Mike Leigh's Naked. Most recently, she can be seen  (with Jo McInnes) in the on-going ITV drama series Playing the Field.

Films and Television:

Daylight Robbery(1999) (mini) TV Series .... Carol Murphy
Great Expectations (1999) (TV) .... Mrs Joe
Playing the Field (1998,1999, on-going) (mini) TV Series .... Theresa Mullen
The Full Monty (1997) FILM ... Jean
The Peter Principle TV/UK (1995 - Pilot); (1997) 1 series; 7 episodes x 30 minutes
The Moonstone (1996) TV/UK ... Rosanna Spearman
Prime Suspect - episode: The Lost Child (1995) TV/UK ... Anne Sutherland
Priest (1994) .... Mrs. Unsworth
Naked (1993) FILM [directed by Mike Leigh].... Louise
Close My Eyes (1991) FILM
Syrup (1993) FILM .... Miss James
Frank Stubbs Promotes (1993-94) TV/UK. 2 series; 13 episodes x 25 minutes ... Petra Dillon Nights (1993)TV/UK 1 series; 5 episodes x 15 minutes Dandelion Dead (1993) TV
Close My Eyes (1991) FILM .... Jessica
The Rachel Papers (1989).... Jenny
Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1986) .... Michelle
Tartuffe (1984) FILM (of the Royal Shakepeare Production)

Contact: ICM 0171-636-6565

Helen Speed Helen Speed
"Elizabeth Siddal" in Clever As Paint 1999

Helen trained at Rose Bruford College. She toured extensively with Theatre Rotto for a year-and-a-half. She is more widely known as half (the better half) of the musical duo Elgin, with whom she continues to tour south west England. From her base in West Penwith, she splits her time between singing, teaching at Stagecoach Drama School and leading a local community choir.

Contact: Cornish Theatre Collective

Imogen Stubbs Imogen Stubbs
"Elizabeth Siddal" in Clever As Paint, 1997

Imogen is an acclaimed actor of Shakesperian and modern roles, appearing  regularly in film, television, and radio drama. Following Clever as Paint, she appeared in Patrick Marber's Closer in the West End.

IMOGEN was born in Northumberland. Educated at St. Paul's and then Westminster, where she was one of the "token girls" in the Sixth Form, she went on to Oxford, where she gained a First Class degree. She achieved success on stage with the Royal Shakespeare Company, notable as Desdemona in "Othello," which was directed by Trevor Nunn.   Additional stage work includes "St. Joan" at the Strand Theatre and "Heartbreak House" at the Haymarket. She is best known to television audiences as the resourceful private detective Anna Lee, now in her second series, and can be seen in "The Browning Version" for director Michael Simpson.

Her films include Ang Lee's "Sense and Sensibility," Trevor Nunn’s "Twelfth Night," Terry Jones' "Erik The Viking," Piers Haggard's "A Summer Story," Philip Saville's "Fellow Traveller," and Herb Ross' "True Colors."

Mothertime (1997) (TV) .... Suzie
The Great War, (1996) (mini) TV Series (voice)
Twelfth Night: Or What You Will (1996) FILM .... Viola
Sense and Sensibility (1995) FILM.... Lucy Steele
Jack & Sarah (1995) .... Sarah
A Pin for the Butterfly, (1994) .... Mother
Anna Lee" (1993) TV Series .... Anna Lee
Sandra, c'est la vie (1992) (TV) .... Marie
True Colors (1991) FILM.... Diana Stiles
Wanderer, The (1991) (voice) .... Narrator
Relatively Speaking (1990) .... Ginny Whittaker
Erik the Viking (1989) .... Princess Aud
Fellow Traveller (1989) (TV) .... Sarah Atchison
Deadline (1988)
The Rainbow, (1988) (TV) .... Ursula Brangwen
A Summer Story, (1988) FILM .... Megan
Nanou (1986)
The Browning Version (1985) (TV) .... Mrs. Gilbert
Privileged (1982) .... Imogen
other television: After the Dance, Othello


Closer by Patrick Marber (Lyric Haymarket); Blast From The Past by Ben Elton (West Yorkshire Playhouse); A Street Car Named Desire and Heartbreak House (Haymarket Theatre);Uncle Vanya (Albery Theatre); St Joan (Theatre Clwyd/The Strand); Othello, Two Noble Kinsmen, The Rover and Richard II (Royal Shakespeare Company); Cabaret and The Boyfriend (Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich); Poison, Sweeney Agonistes, The Twits and The Oxford Revue (Edinburgh).


Clever As Paint, As You Like It; Private Lives; La Bete Humaine; When We Dead Awaken and Huis Cluis.

Contact: William Morris 0171-355-8500

Jim Timmins
"Freud " in original Wheatland Theatre,  Regina production, 1987

Henry Woolf
Staged Reading, Dora, 1986

Henry has acted and directed in London, Paris and New York. He directed the first production of the first Harold Pinter (a long time friend) play, The Room, in 1957. Since then, between movies and his own BBC-TV Show, Words and Pictures, which he presented for three years (1975-78), he found time to work for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal Court Theatre and in many West End productions. In 1998, he directed the North American premiere of Harold Pinter's latest play, Ashes to Ashes for the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival

His film credits include: Man is Man, The Rutles, Gorky Park, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Bed Sitting Room,The Lion in Winter, Alfred The Great, and The Hound of the Baskervilles, and the new mini-series, Revenge of the Land.

He won the Edmonton Critics best actor award in 1979 for his performance as the English comedian Tony Hancock in Hancock's Last Half Hour. In 1992, he popped back to the UK to play Dr. Cornelius in the BBC TV Narnia series. In 1994, he was back in London again acting in the world premiere of Patrick Suskind's The Pigeon.

In addition to his acting and directing credits, Henry is also a playwright. His most recent works include; a collaboration with Dr. David Kaplan, Love and Latkes: A Klezmer Opera which made its world premiere in Saskatoon, May 1996, and Bim and Bub, starring Henry and his wife, Susan Williamson, which premieredat the Twenty-Fifth Street Theatre in Saskatoon.

Contact: Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Theatre Company

Anne Wright
"Dora" in first read-through for Saskachewan Playwrights Centre, 1984

Anne is one of the famous Wrights of Saskatoon, all of whom are fine actors. She was also a vocalist with Saskatchewan cult band "Humphrey and the Dumptrucks" She has worked with all the major theatres in Canada. She was the lead part in the first cross-country taped radio drama, "Peter Gzowski, Peter Gzowski" (by Kim Morrissey, published in Stories for Radio, edited by CBC Regina drama producerWayne Schmalz, published by Coteau Books.)

Contact: ACTRA

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