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After Albert Einstein's brain is found in a cardboard box, lawyers ask for family members to claim it, stressing that in order to avoid fake claims, they must provide proof of relativity.

Budgie 2001

From 1993 to 1995 I wrote for the BBC's weekly satirical show WEEKENDING, which took a long hard look at the week's news... and then peed on it from a huge height. After I left the show, I started writing for Vincent Hanna, a political journalist and broadcaster, writing humorous material for his radio and tv shows. After his far too early death in 1997, I joined a Canadian based Amateur Press Association named COMICOPIA (ISSN 1480-9508) [] and most of my writing since then has been for the APA.

Much of my fiction writing since then has been from the genre of so-called "fanfic", and examples can be found on my web site as well as a couple of others, where people have liked the fiction enough to offer to 'publish' it.

As to where the nickname came from - well, I'm certainly not going to bother you all with it but you can access the full gory details from the web site below or ask me and I'll E-Mail it to you...

Budgie devised and took part in the highly-successful  "Hypotheticals" panel on ethical dilemmas (Comics 2000 Convention, England, 21 April 2000).

Hypotheticals panel transcript


Date            Type             Subject            Story      Length

Summer 1993 Sketch  * Ten Little Known Pressures on Cabinet Ministers

01.10.93 Sketch * Brian Clough Clough accused of bribery 0'35"

01.10.93 Quickie * Cadbury's Lottery    length: n/a

01.10.93 Sketch * Russian Legal Opinions Yeltsin accused of ultra vires 0'36"

08.10.93 Sketch * Clinton - Somalia like Vietn...shhhh Clinton doesn't know what to do... 0'41"

08.10.93 Quickie * Michael Howard n/a

15.10.93 Sketch * Clinton - Haiti/Heytee etc Just how do you pronounce Haiti? 0'36"

22.10.93 Sketch * Clinton - Homage to Kennedy 1'04"

29.10.93 Quickie * Dr Who vs Stallone n/a

19.11.93 Sketch * Clinton - NAFTA Clinton problems getting NAFTA through 1'30"

26.11.93 Sketch * 30th Anniversay of Kennedy Assassination 1'00"

11.02.94 Quickie * Maxwell : The Musical banned n/a

18.02.94 Quickie * British Bathers n/a

04.03.94 Sketch Fiddler On The West Bank Peace Deal in Israel 1'00"

11.03.94 Quickie * Prince Charles - "Perspectives" n/a

11.03.94 Quickie * Not A Shred Of Evidence n/a

18.03.94 Quickie * ICN Poll : Tory Sex, Scandals n/a

18.03.94 Sketch Clinton resignations Everyone's resigning 1'18"

25.03.94 Quickie Major Standing Up for Britain n/a

01.04.94 Quickie Einstein's Brain n/a

08.04.94 Quickie Labour's 89 year-old n/a

06.05.94 Quickie * Princess Margaret at Antiques Fair n/a

13.05.94 Quickie * Sainsbury's lookalike cola n/a

10.06.94 Sketch * Shirley Conran - Change of Life Shirley Conran said she's changed her life 0'35"

24.06.94 Quickie * Legal Plain English Awards n/a

24.06.94 Sketch * Irish Football/Pub Massacre Ireland won at World Cup same night as IRA 0'30"

01.07.94 Sketch * Labour's Deputy Leadership Beckett/Prescott - Leadership & Deputy 1'10"

08.07.94 Quickie * The Sun - criminals on page 3 n/a

08.07.94 Quickie * Students in penury n/a

23.09.94 Sketch Jungle Fever Soldiers got lost and then disciplined 0'37"

30.09.94 Quickie Michael Howard -punishment n/a

07.10.94 Sketch All That We Want... Gerry Adamms/Ken McGinness in USA 1'11"

21.10.94 Sketch Peace In Our Time Jimmy Carter as peace envoy 1'51"

28.10.94 Sketch Social Justice? Labour didn't act on own report 1'20"

25.11.94 1-line cr Guy Clapperton "Yobbo Major" Tory memo said to set yobboes on Blair n/a

02.12.94 Sketch Whip away! Tory rebels lost whip 1'32"

06.01.95 Quickie Tebbit - no new rift n/a

20.01.95 Sketch Jim Can't Fix This One DJ sued after saying Jummy Saville dead 0'37"

20.01.95 Quickie Merson - used to scoring n/a

17.02.95 Sketch Through The OJ Keyhole OJ Trial 2'10"

24.02.95 Sketch Sportsless-Night All sport cancelled one night 1'30"

31.03.95 Sketch Directors' Pay (Cadbury/Greenbury) Greenbury Report fiasco 3'10"

14.04.95 Sketch Incapacity Benefit New Benefit introduced 1'40"

09.06.95 Sketch School Daze Prince Williams Eton entrance exam 0'35"

30.06.95 Sketch Tory Leadership Runner (4 parts) Tory Leadership Race 2'20"

Oct 95 Sketch Luvvies Ken Branagh/Emma Thomson Split

* red starred sketches and bongs were co-written with Kim Morrissey

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