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A Square of One's Own
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May-June 1996; repeated in 1997.
Complete script of the pilot episode

"Virginia Woof"detail - artist: Clifford Harper
Click on Virginia Woof

"Virginia Woof " detail. Artist: Clifford Harper
BBC Radio Times for May 11-17, 1996

Caution: this play is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United Kingdom and all other countries of The Copyright Union, and is subject to royalty. Those interested in production rights are requested to apply to: The Ivan Shakespeare Estate, by contacting his widow Elspeth MacLean, through the Writers Guild

Critics' Choice
The Sunday Times
12 May 1996

"A savagely funny ... lampoon of the Bloomsbury Set not tune in if you think luvvies should be a protected species." -- Paul Donovan

The Independent 16 May 1996

" ... A Square of One's Own, Radio 4's new late-night sitcom, a kind of "Carry on Bloomsbury." ... So it's without shame that I confess, it made me laugh a lot."
-- Robert Hanks

Today's Radio Choice
Daily Mail 15 May 1996

"Those of us who wince at the very mention of the Bloomsbury Group and recoil at such names as Woolf and Bell and Sackville-West will be delighted that the whole lot of them get the bashing they deserve in a fine new comedy, A Square of One's Own (Radio 4, 11 pm). Ivan Shakespeare's spoof, narrated by the precious 'Lytton Strychnine,' is spot-on .... The tone of voice is just right, the jokes keep on coming. This one could indeed, run and run." -- Nigel Andrew

The Scotsman 18 May 1996

"From the sublime to the ridiculous: the Bloomsbury Group is a plummy target for satire, and a new radio 4 series (Wednesdays ) A Square of One's Own, by Ivan Shakespeare, is milking it for all it's worth. ...Vanessa's affair with the German 'post-depressionist artist', Hans is hilariously lampooned, civilised conversation
drowned out by their noisy gaspings."
-- Joy Hendry

Radio Choice
The Times 15 May 1996

"... a broadly humorous spoof with the occasional jab of wit." -- Peter Davalle

The Sunday Telegraph 19 May 1996

"Sally Grace's performance as Virginia Woof was both hilarious and, in an accusing way, perfectly worthy of an afternoon play."
-- Russell Davies

Pick of The Day
The Independent 15 May 1996

Aesthetic considerations and the demands of art are paramount in A Square of One's Own an appealingly coarse and silly spoof of Bloomsbury life.
-- Robert Hanks

The five episodes of  
"A Room of One's Own"  
may be held in the BBC Archives

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