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John Random


1) Mia Farrow’s Garden Decking -
Outdoor hints with the serial child adopter.

2) Licking The Pacific Rim - Getting Ahead In The Tiger Economies.
One for the airport bookshop.

3) Paper Jam - How One Man’s Struggle To Invent the Photocopier Changed The Course of History
Surprise hit of the year from the author of
Isosceles - The Man and His Triangle.

4)Just A Thong At Twilight - The Rise and Fall of Skimpy Knickers Visible Pantie Lines from Annabel Giles

5) Releasing The Lion Within - For Cats Who Loaf Too Much

6) Round Ireland With An Excuse
Tenuous follow-up to Taking The Piss Out of The Latvians

7) Ceaucescu - Romania’s Elvis
Controversial take on the dead dictator.

8) The Perfumed Trousers - The Secret Erotic Writings of Lord Kitchener
- From Khartoum to Bedroom with the man from THAT poster.

9) The Tao of Emilio Estevez
How Charlie Sheen’s even less talented
brother can change your life.

10) Chives: The Forgotten Salad
Nigella Lawson charts the history of a
neglected legume.

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ComedyCollective Writers Project
John Random