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Dora: Everything is not sex!
Freud: Everything no. but reticules, yes.

(from Dora: A Case of Hysteria, Nick Hern Books, 1994)

Kim's Guest Writers:
March 2001 - Budgie

March 2000  -  Robert Priest

The Unfortunate Genius and his ‘Winkle'

Kim wrote the highly acclaimed documentary This is My First Wife: A Hundred Years of James Thurber (BBC Radio 4, Christmas 1994; presenter: Sue Limb, producer: Gareth Edwards). She has been a commissioned writer for BBC Radio 4's political satire show WeekEnding and involved in the stage comedy shows TBA (directed by Lizbeth Goodman) and  inThe Comedy Brothel with Claire Storey, Jasmine Birtles and John Random. Kim was also one of the writers of The BSE Show (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1994).

Her black comedy about Freud, Dora: A Case of Hysteria (broadcast on Radio 3, 1991) is a suggested text for the Open University in England. Clever As Paint: The Rossettis In Love (broadcast on Radio 4, 1997) was also a theatre choice for The Guardian. Both books are distributed by Nick Hern Books.

to contact Kim about her work, please e-mail: kimmorrissey01

How To Talk To Boys

Found Poetry (Institute)

Poetry 101 (a poem by Attila the Hun)

Sketches from WeekEnding (BBC Radio 4)

"Womentalk" Comedy Sketch from The BSE Show
(Edinburgh Fringe, London 1995)

Scene from Dora: wherein Freud can find many, many words for a man's member, and no word at all for er, um....

"A powerful piece of theatre" -- Michael Palin

"At last, a feminist play about Freud - and it's funny too! -- Lorna Crozier

Scene from Clever As Paint: Dante Gabriel Rossetti raises the ghost of his wife Lizzie Siddal from her grave to help him rewrite a love poem to his mistress

"Love among the artists - specifically, the Pre-Raphaelites - mercilessly dissected by Kim Morrissey, who debunked Freud very efficiently and wittily in her play Dora a few years back." -- Robert Hanks, The Independent

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