PLEASE NOTE: this site is  a free educational resource, set up to share the creative process of play-creation. This is not the last draft of the play and should not be performed.  Kim Morrissey's play, Mrs. Ruskin, will be published by Aark Books in 2003. Copies of the play will be available at the Warehous Theatre during the September 12 - October 5th 2003 run) and a copyscript of the play will be available from Playwrights Guild of Canada from September 2003.

poster for Mrs ruskin, warehouse Theatre

a play-in-progress

by Kim Morrissey

to be produced by
Theatre Metropolis

Artistic Directors: Amy Oliver, Michael Yale
directed by Jacqui Somerville

rehearsals began 18.08.2003
based on Draft 6 (completed 12.08.2003)
Draft 7 (17.08.2003)
Draft 8 (draft at the start of rehearsals) (18.08.2003)

FINAL DRAFT (9) of with the revisions made
in a week of workshops at Canada House before performance

9a revisions: 18.08.2003
9b revisions: 19.08.2003
9c revisions: 20.08.2003
9d revisions: 21.08.2003
9e revisions:22.08.2003

working script for the first performance
at the Warehouse Theatre September 12th 2003
Draft 10

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one.          --John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

"We live by admiration, hope, and love." -- John Ruskin, Excursion, book iv. PART 111. SEC. 1. CHAP. 1. p 4

Mrs Ruskin première : Warehouse Theatre, East Croydon UK September  12th - October 5, 2003
(Turn right out of East Croydon Station and right again into Dingwall Road
- it's less than one minute's walk)

history of the project

actors involved in the workshops

(please note: all drafts are copyright)
Draft One (26.11.2002)
Draft Two (18.02.2003)
Draft Three (23.04.2003)
Draft Four: workshop  (June 2-3 2003)
and invited reading

(7 pm June 3d,  Canada House)
Draft Six (12.08.2003)

by Kim Morrissey
Copyright © 2004
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Effie (Euphemia) Ruskin, 24
John Ruskin, 33
Margaret Ruskin, 71
Johnny (John Everett) Millais, 23
Sophie Gray, 9

world première
produced by Theatre Metropolis
September 12th to October 5th 2003
The Warehouse Theatre,
Dingwall Road, East Croydon

Cast on opening night 12.09.2003:
Effie (Euphemia) Ruskin, 24 ..... Amy Oliver
Margaret Ruskin, 71 ..... Betty Benjamin
Sophie Gray, 9 ..... Catherine Skinner
John Ruskin, 33 ..... Michael Yale
Johnny (John Everett) Millais, 23 ..... André Lang

directed by Jacqui Somerville
original music by Martha Lewis
assistant director:Tegwen Tucker

technical staff:
set designer: Alan Bower
lighting designer: Geoff Dennard
costume supervisor: Irene Tulett
poster photographer: Jason Stamper
Glenfinlas photograph:
courtesy Alistair Grieve and Ian Mills

grants and support:
Peggy Ramsay Foundation (writing grant, Kim Morrissey)
Rose Bruford College (directing grant, Jacqui Somerville)
Royal Victoria Hall Foundation
The Warehouse Theatre, East Croydon
Canada House, London


MRS RUSKIN by Kim Morrissey. Caution: this play is fully protected under the copyright laws of Canada and all other countries of The Copyright Union, and is subject to royalty. Those interested in production rights are requested to apply to Playwrights Guild of Canada, Mailing Address 215 Spadina Ave.Suite #210 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2C7 telephone (416) 703-0201; fax (416) 703-0059. e-mail:

NOTE: Wherever it occurs, Jacqui Sommerville is a typo for Jacqui Somerville