a play-in-progress

by Kim Morrissey

UNDER the new regime of encouraging new writing, the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon has come up with a gem to open its autumn 2003 season ....      Paul Nelson,, 15 September 2003


directed by Jacqui Somerville
produced by
Theatre Metropolis

Artistic Directors: Amy Oliver, Michael Yale

première : Warehouse Theatre, East Croydon UK
September  12th - October 5, 2003

DIRECTIONS: Turn right out of East Croydon Station
and right again into Dingwall Road
- it's less than one minute's walk.

history of the project

actors involved in the workshops

background notes to the play

Why Effie Ruskin may have been nicknamed 'The Countess'

DRAFTS OF MRS RUSKIN 2002 - 2003, 2008, on-going
(please note: all drafts are copyright)

In the beginning ...(includes copies of all drafts).
Draft One (26.11.2002)
Draft Two (18.02.2003)
Draft Three (23.04.2003)
Draft Four: workshop  (2-3.06  2003)
an invited reading at Canada House (3.06.2003)
Draft Five(17.06.2003)
Draft Six (12.08.2003)
Draft Seven (17.08.2003)
Draft 8 (draft at the start of rehearsals) (18.08.2003)

Draft 9
Draft after one week of final rehearsals  
(revised 18.08.2003 --- 25.08.2003)

Draft 10

changes during production
(September 2003)

POST-PRODUCTION - drafts 11 and 11a
changes after production
(March 2004 - still a work-in-progress)

ONGOING DRAFT - DRAFT 12 (November 2008)

Thanks to all the actors who so freely volunteered their time to help workshop the play. Thank you also to Canada House, London and The Warehouse Theatre, East Croydon, who have very generously provided free rehearsal space for this production. Thanks to Rose Bruford College for their Director's grant, which meant that Jacqui Somerville was able to direct the play. Kim Morrissey's Peggy Ramsay Foundation grant was invaluable, enabling her to fund a research visit to Glenfinlas and Perth. The present owners of Millais' Gower Street House (now numbered 7 Gower Street) have allowed us to photograph the studio area. A special thank you to Martha Lewis, who provided the music, and Alistair Grieve of the University of East Anglia, who has very kindly lent his 1994 photograph and research of the place on the rocks where Millais painted Ruskin at Glenfinlas in 1853. Thanks also to Sudeep Sen, the publisher of Aark Arts Books, who has been very patient about waiting for the script to be finished before it is published, rather than, as other more commerical publishers do, bringing the book out tp be sold at the first production.

This site is a free educational research tool and will include all drafts up to the final draft (which will be published by Aark Arts Books). Producers interested in the play should contact Playwrights Guild of Canada.


MRS RUSKIN by Kim Morrissey. Caution: this play is fully protected under the copyright laws of Canada and all other countries of The Copyright Union, and is subject to royalty. Those interested in production rights are requested to apply to Playwrights Guild of Canada, Mailing Address 215 Spadina Ave.Suite #210 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2C7 telephone (416) 703-0201; fax (416) 703-0059. e-mail:

NOTE: Wherever it occurs within this website, Jacqui Sommerville is a typo for Jacqui Somerville. Kim Morissey, Kim Morrisey, Kim Morisey, Kim Morrisse are typos for Kim Morrissey.